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Blog Review: College Cooking for Beginners

Hey everyone,

This week in class we are showcasing a fellow student’s blog to give them exposure and also (hopefully) gain exposure for our own blogs through social media and blogging. I decided to do a review on Hugo Garcia’s blog, College Cooking for Beginners.

Hugo’s posts are about learning how to make affordable and healthy meals throughout college. His objective is to stay on a budget of $10-$15 per meal he makes and I think that’s a really important concept, especially when your target demographic is students in college. Our blogs are similar in the idea that we both believe in educating people on how to establish healthy habits now before it’s too difficult to reverse later in life.

college cooking

A beautiful sneak peek at Hugo’s blog before you click the link above.

Hugo’s first post is about cooking salmon and is must-read to learn how to cook an easy weeknight meal. It’s also something you will never find my blog because I hate seafood with a passion, so go check him out and let him/me know what you think!

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