The End of the Beginning

It’s finals week y’all! And that means this is officially the last post that will be written for my FDOM class, but hopefully not my last post ever. I really enjoyed the experience and I’m happy to take this time to reflect on my project for the semester.

The semester for me was really about wetting my toes with what I can do with social media and blogging as a tool for my career. The social media tool that helped me the most was Twitter; it was convenient and easy for me to promote my posts this way and effective because I could customize it in various ways (messages, photos, hashtags, etc.). I think the least effective tools were all other types of social media. I didn’t utilize those like I could have and that’s one of the things I would like to improve on.

In the future, I would really like to start including more videos and photos and using a professional camera (which I’m hoping to obtain for Christmas – hint, hint everyone). I believe that by showing overall improvement and continuing this project will set me apart from other job candidates. All of my skills are showcased here on the blog and it’s a great way to self-promote.

My most popular week was the week of September 21-27. That week I had 35 views and 21 visitors. Even though that’s not a very substantial amount, it’s still really cool to look back and reflect at why that week would have more views than any other.

My most viewed post ever also occurred during that week and it was for my Standard Workout & Favorite Recipe post. I think this one got the most views because it was relatable and easy to engage people through because it had two components.

The most surprising statistic to me was that someone from Finland looked at my page! It really shows the power of social media and the Internet when you realize someone thousands of miles away was looking at your project.


Thank you to everyone that has read my blog or visited it! I’m excited to continue the journey.


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