Philosophical Post: Why do I hate running so much?

Why do I hate running so much?

Even when I played soccer in high school and ran every single day, I was never very good and I always came in last. I think it’s the idea in my head that I’m “bad” at it, so it’s discouraging to me and makes me dislike it. Recently I’ve realized that it’s okay to take things that you’re bad at and improve on it, even if it means embarrassing yourself in the process (which is why I run on the treadmill when no one else is in the apartment gym).

Late last week, I decided to try and break my unlucky cardio streak (mainly running) and hopefully become a better runner for my personal benefit. I haven’t really been following a system, but I do have a few things I’m trying to convince myself to make this accomplishment easier:

  • If I run every day, eventually running 1/2 a mile will be easy, then 1 mile, then 2, and so on and so forth.
  • Running = means warm muscles = more stretching!
  • I will maybe, eventually come to a self-realization as to why I despise running.

Other than those key points, I’ve been running 1/2 a mile nonstop daily on a treadmill at a steady pace (I usually set it at speed 6, but I have no idea if all treadmills are different). I’m excited to see how long it takes me to be able to run a mile or two without stopping!


Showcasing my weak time for half a mile.

If anyone has any tips or links on running they’ve used, I’d love to see them in the comments!


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