Workout Review: 15 Minute Bikini Workout

Hey everyone!

To break up the monotony of the same workout everyday, I’ve decided to do a new series called Workout Review where I pick a workout pinned on Pinterest, since we all know there’s millions stuck on that website, and give it a try.

I picked the workout based on the pictures and movements, not the name (i.e. “Bikini Blast,” “Get Your Summer Bod”… no thanks). I included the name of the workout with a link to the pin that’s on my personal Pinterest page. Usually you can find the original link if you click on the photo but I’d rather just link the pin itself from my Pinterest page since those sometimes lead to weird/spam sites.

15 Minute Bikini Workout to Slim Down with Exercise Ball

Rating: B+

What I liked: It definitely got you moving and used different muscles with the exercise ball that

What I disliked: It’s an incredibly awkward and funny workout! My boyfriend and I were laughing the whole time. Until people walked in. Then it just got weird.

BF trying some of the moves and making me laugh.

BF trying some of the moves and making me laugh.

It was fun and had us laughing the whole time, but I wouldn’t say it was something that we would get addicted to doing.

Let me know if there’s any workouts or recipes you think I should try. For my next post, I plan on hitting up the rec center on campus and giving some tips for working out in there. Thank you guys for reading!


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