Intro to my journey

Hello everyone,

My name is Kristina, I am a sophomore at Texas State University and I’m beginning a new fitness journey that I would like to share with you and also as a project for my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media class. The goal of this blog is an outlet to hopefully encourage people to chose a healthier lifestyle, whether that means more eating at home and clean(er) eating, working out or simply taking smaller steps to fit health into a hectic daily schedule.

Ever since I was little, I’ve always worked out. I’ve never been the most athletic, but I’ve always gave whatever sport I was in 110% no matter what (even if I was the last pick – not gonna lie when I say that happened quite often). I mastered International Tae Kwon Do though after eight years of practice, and I still use techniques I took from my training days to motivate myself when I work out now.

My JV Soccer wounds. Ha!

My JV Soccer wounds. Ha!

I hope this blog motivates not just myself in my own journey, but other people to explore their own passions in their lives and use healthy lifestyle choices to navigate. My audience can be ANYBODY, but it will be designed to inspire teens and college aged people.

Hopefully as this continues I will be able to include a list of helpful links I use on a weekly basis to fun things I enjoy on the internet.

And lastly, to anyone that visits my page and reads my content – thank you!

– Kristina

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