Help a sista out.

Hey guys,

I know I haven’t posted in a while but I need answers for my PR Research class.

It would mean a lot if you could take it. It isn’t super hard hitting news – it’s about TV sitcoms (lol) but it’s definitely for a grade so it’s important.

Thank you in advance!

The End of the Beginning

It’s finals week y’all! And that means this is officially the last post that will be written for my FDOM class, but hopefully not my last post ever. I really enjoyed the experience and I’m happy to take this time to reflect on my project for the semester.

The semester for me was really about wetting my toes with what I can do with social media and blogging as a tool for my career. The social media tool that helped me the most was Twitter; it was convenient and easy for me to promote my posts this way and effective because I could customize it in various ways (messages, photos, hashtags, etc.). I think the least effective tools were all other types of social media. I didn’t utilize those like I could have and that’s one of the things I would like to improve on.

In the future, I would really like to start including more videos and photos and using a professional camera (which I’m hoping to obtain for Christmas – hint, hint everyone). I believe that by showing overall improvement and continuing this project will set me apart from other job candidates. All of my skills are showcased here on the blog and it’s a great way to self-promote.

My most popular week was the week of September 21-27. That week I had 35 views and 21 visitors. Even though that’s not a very substantial amount, it’s still really cool to look back and reflect at why that week would have more views than any other.

My most viewed post ever also occurred during that week and it was for my Standard Workout & Favorite Recipe post. I think this one got the most views because it was relatable and easy to engage people through because it had two components.

The most surprising statistic to me was that someone from Finland looked at my page! It really shows the power of social media and the Internet when you realize someone thousands of miles away was looking at your project.


Thank you to everyone that has read my blog or visited it! I’m excited to continue the journey.

Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

Over Thanksgiving break, I spent a week visiting family in Florida and let me tell you – working out and eating healthy while on vacation is hard. Thankfully I had my mom and sister to keep me accountable and we all used each other to work out and eat healthy. Here are some tips I would like to share with you guys that I came up with on my own and grabbed from this website:

  • Buy your own snacks! This might sound a little silly, but it’s hard to eat healthy when you’re at your grandparents house and all you see is chocolate and ice cream to eat. We bought foods like oranges, apples and veggie straws to hold our cravings (most of the time).
  • Plan a workout daily. Mine was simple – every morning my mom and I went for a run around the neighborhood. Since we knew the area, we felt safe running around, but if you’re going to do this in a unfamiliar area, also bring a buddy and know where you want to run ahead of time.
  • Eat before the airport. This was a big one for us because airport food is ridiculously expensive and there’s not many fit options. Instead, we brought sushi, sandwiches and snacks inside with us and chowed on that while we were waiting and on the plane.
  • Have some fun! Even though you’re trying to stay healthy, it’s okay to miss a workout or eat some junk food.

We had an amazing time and even got to do some beach walking (great on the calves).

Calm before the storm... that got us all wet and made us cold.

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Interview with Emily

Here is the video project I did for FDOM 15 with my cousin Emily. She was a wonderful choice for my interview and I’m so happy I was able to visit her in Florida and ask her some questions!


Photo Slideshow: Top 5 Favorite Workouts

Here’s a little photo compilation of my top 5 favorite workouts!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see more of my photography, click here. All of the photos above were taken by me, Kristina Jingling.

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Recipe: Easy Asian Stir-Fry

Hi guys!

I have a new recipe that I made up that’s super quick, tasty and healthy. I absolutely love stir-fry’s of any kind, but I hate the added ingredients that comes when you purchase it frozen or from a restaurant. If you make it this way, it’s not only healthier but a lot cheaper – most of the seasonings I had in my house and the noodles and vegetables cost maybe $3 total.

I choose to use the products below because that’s what’s easiest for me to make in a hurry, but you can definitely add any type of meat or seafood. I like to think of this as the base for most stir-fry’s.

Easy Asian Stir-Fry


  • Frozen stir-fry blend (can be found with frozen vegetables – HEB has many different kinds!)
  • Thin spagetti (I use whole wheat)
  •  sriracha sauce
  • soy sauce
  • honey
  • olive oil
  • seasonings
  1. Add water to a pot and set on the stove to bring to a boil for your pasta.
  2.  Coat the bottom of a frying pan with some olive oil to heat for the vegetables.
  3. I like to thaw my veggies out before I cook them in the pan, so I usually microwave them first a little.
  4. Add the vegetables to the pan and begin frying them.
  5. While those cook and the water begins to boil, I usually make the sauce. I add soy sauce, honey, and sriracha to a bowl and whisk together. I don’t measure these out, I just season to taste.
  6. Once the vegetables are cooked and so is the pasta, I add the pasta to the frying pan with the veggies and take some of the hot pasta water to mix in with my sauce. This melts all of the flavors together (especially the honey) and makes it easier to pour over the pasta.
  7. After you add your sauce to your pasta-veggie mix and stir it really well, you are done!
Yes, I use HEBuddy pasta. Don't judge.

Yes, I use HEBuddy pasta. Don’t judge.

I hope this post inspires you guys to cook something delicious and healthy this weekend. Enjoy!

Philosophical Post: Why do I hate running so much?

Why do I hate running so much?

Even when I played soccer in high school and ran every single day, I was never very good and I always came in last. I think it’s the idea in my head that I’m “bad” at it, so it’s discouraging to me and makes me dislike it. Recently I’ve realized that it’s okay to take things that you’re bad at and improve on it, even if it means embarrassing yourself in the process (which is why I run on the treadmill when no one else is in the apartment gym).

Late last week, I decided to try and break my unlucky cardio streak (mainly running) and hopefully become a better runner for my personal benefit. I haven’t really been following a system, but I do have a few things I’m trying to convince myself to make this accomplishment easier:

  • If I run every day, eventually running 1/2 a mile will be easy, then 1 mile, then 2, and so on and so forth.
  • Running = means warm muscles = more stretching!
  • I will maybe, eventually come to a self-realization as to why I despise running.

Other than those key points, I’ve been running 1/2 a mile nonstop daily on a treadmill at a steady pace (I usually set it at speed 6, but I have no idea if all treadmills are different). I’m excited to see how long it takes me to be able to run a mile or two without stopping!


Showcasing my weak time for half a mile.

If anyone has any tips or links on running they’ve used, I’d love to see them in the comments!

Workout Review: 15 Minute Bikini Workout

Hey everyone!

To break up the monotony of the same workout everyday, I’ve decided to do a new series called Workout Review where I pick a workout pinned on Pinterest, since we all know there’s millions stuck on that website, and give it a try.

I picked the workout based on the pictures and movements, not the name (i.e. “Bikini Blast,” “Get Your Summer Bod”… no thanks). I included the name of the workout with a link to the pin that’s on my personal Pinterest page. Usually you can find the original link if you click on the photo but I’d rather just link the pin itself from my Pinterest page since those sometimes lead to weird/spam sites.

15 Minute Bikini Workout to Slim Down with Exercise Ball

Rating: B+

What I liked: It definitely got you moving and used different muscles with the exercise ball that

What I disliked: It’s an incredibly awkward and funny workout! My boyfriend and I were laughing the whole time. Until people walked in. Then it just got weird.

BF trying some of the moves and making me laugh.

BF trying some of the moves and making me laugh.

It was fun and had us laughing the whole time, but I wouldn’t say it was something that we would get addicted to doing.

Let me know if there’s any workouts or recipes you think I should try. For my next post, I plan on hitting up the rec center on campus and giving some tips for working out in there. Thank you guys for reading!

Blog Review: College Cooking for Beginners

Hey everyone,

This week in class we are showcasing a fellow student’s blog to give them exposure and also (hopefully) gain exposure for our own blogs through social media and blogging. I decided to do a review on Hugo Garcia’s blog, College Cooking for Beginners.

Hugo’s posts are about learning how to make affordable and healthy meals throughout college. His objective is to stay on a budget of $10-$15 per meal he makes and I think that’s a really important concept, especially when your target demographic is students in college. Our blogs are similar in the idea that we both believe in educating people on how to establish healthy habits now before it’s too difficult to reverse later in life.

college cooking

A beautiful sneak peek at Hugo’s blog before you click the link above.

Hugo’s first post is about cooking salmon and is must-read to learn how to cook an easy weeknight meal. It’s also something you will never find my blog because I hate seafood with a passion, so go check him out and let him/me know what you think!

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Recipe: Butternut Squash Soup + Fall Coffee Goodies

Hey everyone,

I have been slacking but with good reason. Many tests and life events have happened in the past two weeks and when my brain is busy and in a funk I get writer’s block. But it’s all good because things are looking up and hopefully the weather is getting cooler soon!

One of my favorite meals to eat during the fall/winter months is butternut squash soup. Maybe it’s the color or the slight pumpkin-y and smokey notes, but something about it makes me want to curl up and watch a Halloween movie. I pretty much made up this version, because I noticed that a lot of the more traditional recipes (like this one and this one) call for butter and half and half – not healthy ingredients and completely unnecessary. The squash should make the soup creamy enough and with a little olive oil it’s perfection. I know parts of this might sound vague but it’s really open to your tastebuds and how much of everything you want to add.

Vegan Butternut Squash Soup


  • 2 bags of Archer Farms (aka Target) Steam-in-bag Butternut Squash (they are 12oz packages)
  • about 16 oz of vegetable broth
  • 1 clove of chopped garlic
  • half an onion, chopped
  • olive oil
  • black pepper, salt and the all important pumpkin pie spice
  1. Add the chopped onion and garlic into a pot with the bottom coated in olive oil. Salt and cook until golden brown.
  2. In the meantime, follow the directions on the packages of squash and microwave them until defrosted.
  3. Once your onion and garlic have browned, add in the heated up squash and the 16oz of vegetable broth (I buy the 32oz box and use half to start with).
  4. Lower the heat and break out your handheld or regular blender and blend the ingredients together. This is the point where you’ll know if you want to add more vegetable broth to make it creamier.
  5. Heat thoroughly and season to taste.
butternut squash soup

Here it is all squared away in it’s Tupperware.

It’s honestly so easy and delicious. I love pairing it with chicken or just eating it alone and it makes great lunches for the rest of the week.

Lastly, if you’re a coffee drinker like I am and LOVE Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte I have a much healthier, cheaper and easier version for you. This beautiful little bottle of coffee creamer tastes identical to the coffeehouse version and for a fraction of the price. For more product information, follow this link.


If you’re a vegan or don’t drink dairy, check out this recipe my mom shared with me that she says tastes just as tasty.

vegan pumpkin spice latte

That moment when your mom is cooler than you and makes her own PSL from home.
Photo credit: MaryAnn Silke

Do you guys have any fall recipes you can’t wait to make when it cools off?

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